CiC Motors

Canadian Image Customs offers automotive service and performance upgrades on all diesel & gas trucks and specialize in European models cars. Let our technicians maintain your vehicle and its value.

european model service and performance

From the race tracks of Maranello Italy to the Autobahn in Germany European cars are known as the pinnacle of all automobiles. Our elite group at CiC was put together specifically to cater to all your service needs. With over 50 years of combined experience we would be glad to help you get safely to your destination whether it be work or across Canada in your daily driver or to help you rebuild the engine on your classic automobiles.

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Diesel and Gas service and performance

Got a Pickup in need of service or maybe you want to make it yours with more horsepower, Throatier exhaust, Suspension, Custom wheels or anything you desire to bring your truck to life. We have all the means and products to make your dreams come true. With industry leading technicians our team is driven to fulfill all your mechanical needs and focus on maintaining the value of your vehicle for years to come.

customization and maintenance

With a full line of industry leading Performance and exhaust modifications, complete top of the line suspension systems and all the aftermarket accessories, custom wheels and name brand tires you need to personalize your ride. Offering you warranty approved service and the support of aftermarket powertrain warranties leaves our customers with piece of mind and support no matter where they find themselves travelling.

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